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Are you ready to end abusive relationships?

Are you tired of one-way narcissistic relationships that trigger your fear of abandonment?

If so, this 12 part audio series can help you heal your life, overcome narcissistic abuse, and put an end to your need to be needed. 




"Thank you Lisa, for sharing all of this. You have a true gift." - Jessica


If codependency is controlling your life and you don’t know how to STOP from behaving in a codependent way, you know that finding an authentic relationship is probably not going to happen for you.

If you seek approval, stuff your emotions, and subjugate your needs for the sake of others, you may also live in fear of disappointing others. If this sounds like you, you may also find yourself in toxic relationships without a clear strategy for how to end them or correct what needs to be fixed. It is important you understand that none of this is your fault. Until you discover the subconscious patterns responsible for your codependent behaviors, you stay stuck.

The good news, I know the SECRETS you need to BREAKTHROUGH CODEPENDENCY and I want to teach them to you so you can live ABOVE THE VEIL OF CONSCIOUSNESS!

Remember, codependency is tied to subconscious beliefs, emotions, and behaviors crated in your past!

It’s not you -- it’s your programming!

12 Audios you download as individual lessons that include ESSENTIAL HOW TO FIXES you can begin implementing today!

  • Learn everything you need to know about the root causes of codependency and how childhood experiences impact the developing personality.
  • Learn how to be less reactive and how to develop true intimacy in relationships.
  • Learn how to FEEL your feelings and express them in a healthy way all while honoring the authentic self.
  • Learn how to STOP subjugating, people-pleasing, and acting as if you have no needs!
  • Learn how to SET POWERFUL boundaries so you can live an EMPOWERED authentic life.
  • Learn how to end toxic narcissistic relationships.
  • And so much more...

Imagine this...

Imagine feeling less confused and much more clear about how you can heal from CODEPENDENCY!

Imagine what it would feel like to know HOW TO FEEL your FEELINGS, share your needs with others and NOT feel obligated to take responsibility for how others feel!

Imagine being able to set BOUNDARIES with narcissistic others without feeling guilty. 

Imagine being able to HONOR your SELF even when others try to gaslight you. 

Imagine being able to have a conversation without taking on other people’s stuff all while holding onto your TRUE SELF!



Meet Lisa A. Romano

My name is Lisa A. Romano and I was voted the #1 Most Influential Person of 2020 by Digital Journal. In 2015, I created The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program which has successfully helped thousands of people, including psychotherapists, and neuroscientists recover from CODEPENDENCY. I am also a bestselling author of seven books on healing from CODEPENDENCY, YouTube Vlogger, meditation teacher, speaker, and podcaster who is committed to helping YOU learn to live ABOVE THE VEIL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

  • Thousands of people have benefited from my online programs which have helped them heal from narcissistic abuse and codependency. 
  • I created this Audio Series for those who DESIRE to BREAKTHROUGH the SUBCONSCIOUS PATTERNS and who are COMMITTED to rewiring their minds one belief at a time!


Help you understand why and how CODEPENDENCY can be traced back to childhood experiences that were NOT your fault.

Help you heal the SHAME tied to NEGATIVE CHILDHOOD experiences that caused you to develop low self-worth.

Establish a HEALTHY set of GO TO STRATEGY STEPS you can rely on when you are feeling like a boundary needs to be set.

Be the ROADMAP you can RELY on to help you NAVIGATE the CONFUSING waters CODEPENDENCY RECOVERY can be.  Never fall for a love bombing narcissist again!

Help you DEVELOP personal autonomy without needing another person to validate or approve of you!

Help you DEVELOP healthy boundaries so you are less prone to narcissistic codependent relationship dynamics. 

Teach you HOW TO STOP seeking validation and HOW TO begin loving yourself in an AUTHENTIC way!


This audio training is NOT for anyone who wants a QUICK FIX! Healing from CODEPENDENCY is a COMMITMENT to HEAL YOUR LIFE! These audio lessons are meant to be listened to over and over and the STRATEGIES and TOOLS included are meant to be practiced until they become a part of your new healthier PARADIGMS!

"This is so wonderfully expressed. Such clarity, such metaphors, so skillfully communicated. Lisa--you are amazing! Hugs and gratitude." - Ingrid

I really like the 1,2,3 process. I can now see how I was staying in the unconscious making fight or flight decisions without even knowing or understanding what I was feeling and why. I, like you, just want peace - this practice gives me a chance to organize myself before I communicate erratically with a set goal so that others want to make peace with me as well.

I have gathered so much from the first three parts that I need to take a break and digest it all. I will be back on here tomorrow morning.

Thank you Lisa, for sharing all of this. You have a true gift.


Here’s what you’ll get in this 12 PART ADVANCED CODEPENDENCY AUDIO TRAINING;

Upon registration, you gain access to each of the 12 ADVANCED AUDIO TRAININGS included in this program and can download them immediately!

  1. Introduction to Codependency
  2. Pain vs Pleasure -- the automatic and autonomic connections
  3. The 1-2-3 Process
  4. The Quantum Time Line
  5. The power of SELF EMPATHY
  9. Facing ALL of your FEARS
  10. Hacking the Subconscious PARADIGMS
  11. Life BALANCE brings PEACE
  12. Ten Codependency Commandments

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Dear Lisa, this audio is so empowering, I will be adding it to my morning routine of meditation, setting daily intentions & Journaling. I’m so grateful to you for all your beautiful wisdom, insight & helpful exercises- that not only work but are enjoyable, empowering!

You truly are a blessing & “I bow to the light in you” Namaste! - Gina

Yes! A practical strategy I can implement now. I just wrote out my example from an argument that took place the other night of how it would look using the 1,2,3 process. That includes less reactivity from me because that is something I can and will learn to control. I love the idea of letting the other person know how you feel and move on. It’s freeing to know I don’t have to go beyond that and overexplain, overanalyze, etc. Eventually, it’ll become clearer as to whether the person adapts in response to your feelings, or not. If not, they’re probably not even worthy of making you feel anything at all. This process is power and wisdom our previously codependent minds never knew we could access. Thank you


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"Amazing content. Amazing delivery and so on the mark. The entire section on validation or the lack thereof - I believe - has had quite an impact on me and how I handle my feelings today at 50." - Sal

I created an AUDIO TRAINING on CODEPENDENCY I wish I could have purchased when...

I was in the midst of waking up from the fog that subconscious programming is!


If you are ready to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS…

If you are ready to end abusive relationships that are toxic...

If you want to STOP ending up in relationships with narcissists...

If you are ready to start learning to say NO without fear…

If you are ready to start HONORING yourself…

This program has been created JUST FOR YOU!


I can't thank you enough for this work, Lisa. Getting past the symptoms and into solutions is so empowering.- Maria