Apr 30, 2020

You are not crazy, nor insane or bad for having a mind that has been conditioned (taught) to go one way; the wrong way.

by Lisa A. Romano

adult children conditioning mind

There are many very valid reasons for why you may struggle with thinking negative thoughts.

You are not crazy, nor insane or bad for having a mind that has been conditioned (taught) to go one way; the wrong way.

You are not ill because your brain is more like a driver of a race car called 'Crazy Thoughts', and your awareness seems more like a spectator in the stands horrified by the speed at which the thoughts your brain holds travels.

Somewhere in that space between the car and you, as the spectator exists, is where your healing is waiting.

In that space is where all the work you will ever have to do to ever be happy--must begin.

You have not been taught to feel empowered.

Your brain has not been taught to be happy with its aloneness.

Your brain has been conditioned to think acceptance is outside of you.

Society, the media, our teachers, our parents, and our friends and family have all played a part in the creation of our belief and ultimate thought processes.

In that space deep within you, where no one has ever taught you to go--is your personal power...

And in the acting upon that consciousness, you can and will change the course of your life...

You must become more familiar with that space within you. You must embrace the darkness, get comfortable with that space, and learn to sit quietly so that you can learn to still yourself and instead of ATTACHING your consciousness to those speeding thoughts, learn to just let them fly by.

Peace is internal...and peace, although you may not believe so...is in fact within you...

But you my friend have not been taught to believe in YOU...You have been taught to believe in others, in medicine, sex, relationships, alcohol, image, things, religion, or rhetoric...

But the truth is...the kingdom of heaven is there within you, and it is just but one thought away...

Heaven is here on this earth. Heaven exists within you...and if you practice learning to get more comfortable in that space between the thoughts your brain thinks, and your awareness of those thoughts, you will learn the secret to happiness.

You are not your thoughts...

You are the still, powerful, divine observer of those thoughts.

Learning to be still is the first part of the journey. The next phase of your spiritual and emotional journey would then require you to begin consciously focusing your brain on and towards only those things that make you FEEL more positive.

First, you get still, and then with razor-like focus, practice day by day and thought by thought, the divine ability to use our free will as we desire.

You have the free will to choose the thoughts you want to think.

If you know the truth and then do not act on the truth that does not mean the truth is still not the truth.

There is one universal truth and that is--YOU ARE ENOUGH--no matter what you have ever thought before.