May 18, 2022

You Are Enough -- Inner Child Healing Shadow Work

by Lisa A. Romano

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Shadow Healing Work

Namaste Dear One, I bow to the love and the light within you...

It is early here, 4:10 am to be exact. Like you, I have sought after knowledge most of my life, to help me ease the angst that tethered my soul. Outside of my conscious awareness, I had no clue my thoughts were creating invisible constraints in my life, and that the more I resisted what pained me, the more I suffered on every level. 

The Law of Nonresistance

The more I study, and seek the light, the more the spotlight shines on my own shadows.

As a young woman, I was convinced the darkness was outside of me and that if others would change, certainly my life would fall into place. 

The 3D world is full of distractions, which at their core are illusions. We have not been designed to remain trapped in a house of mirrors reflecting the pains of our past, yet, many of us remain stuck in sticky vibrational ectoplasm sometimes for the remainder of our lives. 

We have come to expand our consciousness, contain our will, crystalize our desires, trust our intuition, and find our way back to our true selves. Healing requires that each of us overcome the only law that has held us back from the ease, contentment, peace, harmony, and abundance we crave, and that is the law of resistance. 

Childhood trauma, emotional neglect, coping mechanisms like codependency, and toxic relationships arrest us, and cause our minds to become focused on safety rather than on having faith in ourselves, and in the idea that we are ENOUGH!

 Our healing journey is one that directs us back to the only thing we could ever control, and that is the workings of our inner faculties. Learning to believe one's self as love, when one has been denied the experience of love, is a heroic undertaking indeed. 

That Which You Resist Persists

When we resist our true nature, which is love, and our subconscious minds keep us stuck, entangled in concepts that argue against our enough-ness, we are in resistance to love. When we are in resistance to our true nature, the ego has no other choice but to control our lives.  

Whoever and whatever is responsible for the grid or framework for the organization of the laws that govern time and space, allowed for humans to operate on the subconscious level, until they found the power to operate more consciously. It is my belief, that humans incarnate as extensions of the Source of all that is, and that it is our soul's purpose to discover its God nature. 

Discovering yourself as an extension of Source is but one step in our journey as lightworkers, healers, truthseekers, guides, and philosophers. Mastering the mind is a 24 hour vocation for the one who feels drawn to such mystical, spiritual, and psychological mysteries. 

Learning to make peace with the discipline required to become the Master of the principles that govern life, are at their core lessons in humility, grace, patience, determination, resiliency, and nonresistance. 

To Receive Love, You Must Flow Love First 

Self Love Matters 

In a world full of celebrity defamation trials, pandemics, nuclear war threats, and general distrust over news media, it is no wonder so many of us fall off track when it comes to flowing our focus to more desired channels of thought.

I am right there with you Dear One, observing my thoughts, feelings, and the words that fall from my lips, managing my emotional set point and doing what I can to hold myself accountable for how often my mind is distracted by some external force. 

Inspiration for Today

Try to remember you are love, you have come from love, and at the core of all that is, there is ONLY love. The 3D world is like a virtual reality game and the dominant thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations are responsible for what manifests. Not only do we need to mind our own minds, but we must become nonresistant to the mass consciousness as well, and remain Masters of our mental activities so we do not become swept up in the fear-based realities of others. 

Control what you can, and release the rest, forever remaining nonresistant to outcomes outside of your control. 

This early morning, I find that I still have work to do, to assure my desires, intentions, and emotions are in alignment. 

As I think, I become...even if what I think is being driven by subconscious beliefs I have yet to uncover. As long as my intention is to evolve, grow, and move towards the light, I must not recoil when another shadow has been revealed. Instead, I must settle my soul, calm my mind, suspend thought, and when I have reached the silence within, it is then I must find the will to honor the laws that govern time and space humbly, and with grace. 

May you rely on the tools you have learned, and find many more to assist you as you learn to step more boldly into consciousness, which will ultimately lead you towards the knowing of Oneness. 

We are One, and all there is -- is love 

Dear One, may you commit yourself today to flow love from you no matter the circumstance, experience, or position you are in, for when you do, YOU consciously open the floodgates for LOVE and all of its resonant frequencies to FLOW back to you in return.

To work with Lisa and her team, as you learn to believe YOU ARE ENOUGH