May 24, 2018

Why Do Codependents Attract Narcissistic Type Personalities

by Lisa A. Romano

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Codependents have been brainwashed to believe that their feelings, wants, needs, and desires do not count.

As children, many of us were taught to stuff our emotions. Rocking the boat pissed the adults in our lives off--so stuff we did.

What we could never have known then is, that all that stuffing of negative energy--actually caused energetic roots to grow from our root chakras--into the time and place where we were receiving those emotional injuries.

To compound the issue of traumatic roots, because this is a like attracting universe--our need for outer validation--attracts others who need to be able to control the mind and hearts of others for their own immature ego gratification.

 Wounded codependents attract beings who have sadly learned to get their needs met through the conquering or the controlling of others. Codependents similarly get their immature needs met by catering to others.

These two equally immature mentally, emotionally and spiritual beings attract one another like magnets.

The only hope is transcendence.


Because when one of the beings begins to become enlightened through eating from the tree of knowledge, their attraction begins to wane. As one of the beings begins to look within, and discovers their own inept and self-sabotaging way of relating, the mind quickly auto corrects itself as perceptions of Self--and others begin to shift.

Bowing to the Love and Light in YOU Dear One...


Lisa A. Romano

ACoA Life Coach

Stuck In The Past No More