Mar 26, 2019

Dealing with CPTSD

by Lisa A. Romano

complex ptsd cptsd

Complex PTSD is a symptom of traumatic events we were powerless to control. Our brains and minds work in tandem to keep us safe and when there is trauma, our brains record the sensory information experienced during past traumas for future recall.


So that we can avoid painful traumatic events in the future.

Our fight or flight response system gets tripped--or triggered when we experience a trigger in the NOW. As if the past traumatic event is happening at the moment, our bodies FEEL as if the past event is literally happening all over again.

Ego will rely on various defense mechanisms to deal with the emotions that surface. The more we understand how CPTSD works and the many ways in which our egos have been doing their best to protect us based on any current level of self-awareness we may have, the greater chances we have at learning to manage and even regulate our symptoms.

This is not our fault--this can be debilitating--this can be overwhelming--this can interrupt our ability to sustain healthy boundaries--this can make it difficult for us to have faith in the world or in anyone--this does interrupt our perception of self and even our perpetrators.

CPTSD needs to be appreciated and understood. The word I like to use in my own life is 'forgiven'. I need to forgive that I have CPTSD. I need to forgive CPTSD symptoms. I need to forgive when my body goes into such a fight or flight attack I feel I might pass out or die. I need to forgive my brain, mind, and body for having to deal with CPTSD. It is NOT my body's fault it is dealing with trauma, memories, and sensory overload.

When I forgive my state of having anxiety, CPTSD and understand why it can be so difficult to regulate my emotions, or trust others, or believe there is justice in this world, I can sense a softening in my entire being.

It feels as if the CLAMP has been released.

Forgiving the body, the mind, and even our symptoms help reduce tension and resistance.

This has been a concept that has helped me over the years as I learned to get to the root of my symptoms and I hope it helps you.

We are ONE!

You are the light of the world!!!

Shine a little more brightly each and every day and that will be enough!


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