Aug 24, 2018

Thoughts Become Things

by Lisa A. Romano

4d law of attraction

We do not always consider how thoughts weave together manifestations in a 3D dense world. We think a thought and then never ponder the circumstances of thinking a thought, and particularly a dense negative thought, but, maybe we should.

There is no such thing as separation, and there are only frequencies separating one reality from another, so it makes sense to spend some time considering how it is thoughts can become things.

Atoms are that magical aspect of all that is that allows for thoughts to become 'things' in a 3D world and to ignore this fact, is sort of like being born with a voice like Celine Dion, but never singing.

While there is no reason to get all bugged out about the idea that our thoughts are weaving together some reality we will experience soon or perhaps even in another lifetime, it is at least wise to take our minds more seriously.

Consider the television programs we watch or the stories we read about in the paper. What the hell are these thoughts weaving together?

If thoughts are energy and atoms are energy in the 3D world, then they are one in the same--and there is no such thing as separation.

If all that is is energy and all that is vibrates, then all that is can be separated by frequencies--although all frequencies can exist in one universe. It makes sense to mind our thoughts, our intentions, our words, our friends, our behaviors, and what we give attention to.

Healing the wounded inner child is absolutely necessary if we are to be able to effectively flow our thought energy in a direction that is able to weave together atoms that will eventually give way to a desired manifestation. This of course takes time, but isn't it worth it?

Wounds we deny are sending out frequencies whether we consciously acknowledge them or not--so healing is absolutely an essential part of accessing the Law of Attraction to our advantage.

Happy Healing Dear One--you are enough!