Jan 28, 2023

This Lie Keeps You Stuck in Codependency and Love Addiction Drama

by Lisa A. Romano

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  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you happy?
  • Is your mind chaotic or peaceful?

If you're not challenging your emotions and beliefs, you're probably caught in some old trauma loop of the past, you've yet to learn to heal, process and release.

Most people live their lives through the habits, and trains of thought, as well as self-sabotaging beliefs that dominate the subconscious mind. 

The RIDICULOUS thing is...they don't know it...AND...even so-called spiritually enlightened people can get caught in these loops too...

The #1 Lie That Keeps Codependency and Love Addiction Active

We all lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that we feel anxious, or frustrated because of what is happening in the external world until we STOP and step into the silence within from a higher state of OBJECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS and HUMBLY accept that the brain and mind can only play with the tools that are in the shed. If your life sucks, there are reasons, and most of them are subconscious and habitual.

What we are conditioned to believe about ourselves, love, relationships, and self-worth have their origins in how we were treated as children. If we did not receive consistent, maternal, positive warmth, and instead we were pushed away, emotionally rejected, and abandoned, those experiences shape how we relate to the outside world today. They also determine who we attract into our lives and what relationship patterns we repeat as adults. 

This past week, I began working with a highly intelligent, spiritually grounded male client who throughout the call, repeated the words, "I just feel stuck."

As we dove into his work history, he seemed to be well on his way to attracting financial ease, fun, and choices in his life due to his awareness of how he emotionally responds to his business. He views his career responsibilities with a sense of ease and expectation. He enjoys solving problems and knows in his heart, the value he brings his clients. So, regarding money, he's doing pretty well.

In fact, because he knows his value, businesses seek him out. He does not advertise his services, has no Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook account, and people seem to be drawn to him. That's because he is a natural magnet for financial wellness.

But, in the field of relationships, he suffers deeply, attracting one dramatic, chaotic, mentally exhausting relationship after the other.

He encouraged me to send an email to all of those on my list and to include the lesson he learned because it helped shift his perspective in such a positive way.

As you can see, he has a huge heart and is always thinking about how he can help uplift others, which is an aspect of his business vibration; the one he naturally brings to the table when working with clients, and so, here is the lesson that has helped him feel unstuck.


Energy Can Never Get Stuck

For decades, I believed and felt stuck in my marriage, in friendships, in finances, and in life. That was until I began thinking outside the box, childhood trauma can be, and I taught myself how to view my beliefs, patterns, and habitual responses to the 3D world at the quantum level.

These are the lessons I teach in my 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program and Master Your Reality Master Class.

Even though some people still think talking about energy is HIPPIE DIPPIE, the truth is EVERYTHING is energy.

I was not stuck, nor is my client. But, like most adult children from dysfunctional childhood homes, we did get caught operating from within the loops of the past, unaware we were unaware and repeating the very patterns that reinforced the faulty notion that we were stuck.

Energy is never STUCK. It must move and if you are NOT managing your emotions or your mind, then by default, whatever has been planted into your subconscious mind must manifest, and that goes for the types of relationships you find yourself in as an adult.

It is the nature of reality and if you are NOT managing your thoughts or emotions, the subconscious mind has no choice but to move energy through old habitual loops.

  • Did you feel invisible as a child?
  • Were you secretly angry as a child?
  • Did you fear abandonment?
  • Were you frustrated by others misunderstanding you?
  • Did you believe you needed others to agree with you and your way of viewing the world?

If these vibrations are still active, that means you've got limiting beliefs running at the level of the subconscious, and until you learn to heal them, process them, and release them, they are like slippery grooves in the crevices of the brain that are responsible for the thoughts you think, emotions you feel, what you focus upon, and how you respond to what is happening outside of you.

Codependency, love addiction, the fear of abandonment, resentment, and even narcissism, are ways of being and relating to the world and the self, at the level of neurology.

I hope this lesson helps you think a little more objectively about what is happening in your life and about what you need to shift internally to experience the external shift you desire.

Dear One, it's not you, it's your programming.

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