Sep 08, 2022

This is Codependency

by Lisa A. Romano

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Focusing on others will never change them.

I was chewing on his dust!

Take it from me, focusing on him or her, will never change them. 

Are you codependent?

I remember the moment I realized all of my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy was spent focusing on others. The moment I opened my eyes, I could hear my mind worrying about what my ex-husband said the day before. 

My mind was addicted to chewing on the dust of other people's actions, words, and inactions.

My mind also focused on what other people didn't say.

Codependency Trait:

We focus on the behavior of others and then try to change their behavior.

The human mind has survival needs that remain active until our last breath. One of our most fundamental needs is to attach to others. If we grew up feeling unloved, unwanted and like a burden, our survival brain remains highly activated. 

As adults, we will remain brain locked focusing on others in the hope of being able to figure out how to be good enough to secure an attachment.  

Codependency is Tied to Survival

You might not even know you focus on others and deny yourself the right to consider your needs. If this sounds like you, I get it.  

Codependency recovery was the spiritual knockout punch I needed to propel me into the land of the living, where I had the ability to think my own thoughts, rather than regurgitate the past.  

In the land of the living, I learned that focusing on others, or trying to change someone else's behavior by changing yourself is akin to spiritual death.  

When you get to the core of why you don't naturally focus on the self, your emotions, or what you need, you find the opportunity to start living an authentic life.

If you are losing yourself worrying about how to change others, you are not living an authentic life.

Your life is a gift and you have a purpose, however, when your beliefs are stuck and you believe you need approval, your life is a karmic nightmare.

Dear One, never give up trying to live above the veil of consciousness. 


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