Jun 23, 2020

The child in you may have deserved more

by Lisa A. Romano

child childhood parent

Children are not possessions.

Children are not things.

Children are not here for adult’s amusement.

Children are angelic gifts who are on loan to us from the heavens and it is our job to cradle them with love, understanding, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, empathy, and protection.

Children should never be mocked, criticized, or treated with indifference.

They should not ever be compared to another sibling, friend, or family member.

They should not be lied to, persecuted, sexualized, or objectified.

They should never be hit or be exposed to domestic violence, drug abuse, or drunkenness.

Their lives and homes should be orderly and clean.

Children should have a routine and rules in their homes should be fair and predictable.

Children should have parents and caretakers who take an interest in their schoolwork, medical and dental care.

Children should feel like their emotions are important to those who have been blessed with the chance to care for them.

Children should be encouraged to explore their innate gifts and talents.

Children should be told they are loved and those words should match what they see and feel.

Children are a blessing and should be viewed, respected, and treated as such.

Far too often children are NOT treated with the respect and integrity they deserve as many of us can attest to.

Know that the child in you may have deserved more and that in this moment, you can make a difference in the life of a child by raising your awareness around the divinity of every child.