Jun 30, 2020

So many of us have been taught to believe we are not good enough

by Lisa A. Romano

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So many of us have been taught to believe we are not good enough. For some, the emotion of fear may have been triggered early on and quite possibly even in utero. The limbic brain is wired to avoid pain and to seek pleasure. Anything that causes a growing fetus to experience a threat to harmony and peace will be registered as pain. Humans are being downloaded long before we are able to walk. Unfortunately, because so many people do not appreciate the experiences of children as valid; believing that what children cannot remember doesn't count, we are a world of wounded adults who are stuck in states of fight or flight who may not even realize it.

Compounding societal ignorance is the fact that ALL human beings are born asleep. We are not born aware. We are born with brainwave states that equal the dream state of consciousness. We do not have the ability to think critically as children. All that happens to us in our outer world becomes downloaded into our growing and impressionable brains. Any fear response that occurs triggers the limbic system. Along with basic needs that include food, shelter, warm, clothing, and nutrients is the need for absolute, divine, authentic, harmony, love, and connection to our tribe. When a newborn or a child's need to feel welcomed, wanted, and a part of their tribe (family) is threatened, the limbic system reacts with a stress response. These stress responses arrest children in stages of emotional development and can be the root cause of later adult issues that include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, codependency, and alike.

There are many keys we need to help us unlock the doors to the areas of our lives that have kept us stuck, but the good news is those keys do exist. It is difficult to say the least, to became aware that we were once unaware. It is a bittersweet pill to wake up and realize that the life we have lived has been one built upon illusions. It is an illusion to believe we are not good enough and it is an illusion to believe we need other people to validate our worth. I am not saying that we should not seek or wish to experience deep connections with others. I am saying that in order to experience a deep connection with others--we first must formulate a deep connection to the divine Self and learn to override the patterns created in childhood when we were powerless to protect ourselves agains feeling unwanted.

Because we have been brainwashed to feel unseen, we feel unseen to the Self. Outside our awareness, all day everyday, we are projecting this feeling of invisibility out into the universe. We crave to feel seen, yet energetically feel unseen and are unaware that our vibrational set point is creating the exact template to be unseen. When we can shove our feelings of sadness, disappointment, and loneliness no more, we will act out and then blame others for why they have not fulfilled our need to feel seen. We are co-creators of our experiences good, bad, happy, or unhappy, and it takes tremendous resilience to be able to step outside of the mindset created by fight or flight and clearly see what is taking place on a quantum level.

If we do not learn to CLAIM what we desire, we can NEVER attain what we desire. If we desire to feel seen, we must learn to FEEL seen to the self; we must SEE the self first. If we wish to attain love, we must first CLAIM love within us first. If we wish to attain abundance, we must CLAIM abundance within us first. Anything that we hear ourselves wanting, we must be willing to act as if it has already arrived, and that Dear Ones, takes Mastery over the mind, heart, and the body.

One of the most important keys to recovery is tenacity. You simply can never give up!