Mar 23, 2020

Stretch Through the Pain to Achieve the Gain

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency pain selflove

Stretch Through the Pain to Achieve the Gain

Dear One, never forget that anxiety, depression, angst, hopelessness, and even unresolved anger is a symptom of something much deeper.

Codependency is also a symptom of some type of childhood neglect.

That neglect could have been overt or covert. It could have been sexual abuse or it could have been emotional abandonment.

Emotional neglect and maternal disconnect cause the same chemical reactions to take place in the brain that physical abuse causes.

Separation of any kind causes anxiety, whether that is physical or emotional separation.

All of us have been born to FEEL connected to Self, as well as others.

Knowing why we are the way we are is awesome--BUT it is not where our work ends. In fact, it is where our work begins.

We are all powerful creatures--who have the ability to transcend and connect to our authentic self but to do that, we must learn to stretch through our pain.
Tolle teaches us that we all have a pain body, and I would totally agree. It is this pain body we need to love, adore, worship, embrace, nurture, forgive, and even ask forgiveness of.

Today's challenge is to see if you can nurture the pain that you know is stored within your pain-body.

• What specific pain will you embrace today and love?
• What pain will you adore today instead of ignoring?

Me first..."Today I intend to push through the pain of not feeling good enough when I am presented with the idea that I have not met up to the standards of someone outside of me. I will remember who I am, even when someone outside of me accuses me of something I know, in my heart I am not guilty of. I will allow others to possess their skewed version of me and not try to control it. I will leave their perceptions of me with them, and not accept them for they are not gifts that will nurture my soul. And in it all, I will practice sending them the peace of love and light anyway."

Make it a great day Dear Ones, and don't forget to stretch!!!!!!!