Jun 12, 2020

If you want to be happy, stop relying on shit you can’t control!

by Lisa A. Romano

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Every time we react with anger or rage we are stuck in a state of resistance to something that is taking place in our environment.

Consciously, and when not triggered, many of us understand that we do not have the right to control how other people live. If our neighbors are slobs and throw trash all over their property, although that totally sucks big time, staring at their garbage won’t change a thing, nor will punching your neighbor in the nose.

Our control is never outside of us.

We think that if this neighbor cleans up his property that we will feel better, and we might, but think about this for a moment. If we cannot be happy unless someone outside of us changes, then we are not in control over our state of being-ness. Something outside of us is.

UH OH—lions and tigers and bears oh MY!

Today, as yourself this question, “What conditions do I place on my level of happiness?”

If you are waiting for the kids to behave, your husband to draw you a bubble bath, a promotion at work, or for an invitation from a friend to dinner to be ‘happy’, you are NOT present and therefore, no matter what you actually do achieve, your happiness will always be short lived.

If you want to be happy, stop relying on shit you can’t control and start living in sheer awe of the miracle of YOU!