Feb 26, 2021

How I start my day

by Lisa A. Romano

master morning namaste ritual start my day
When I was in college, I would wake up between 2-3 am just because the house was quiet. In those early morning hours, I could focus on classwork and get things done without interference.
When I was a single mom, and writing my first book The Road Back to Me, I found the key to getting my chapters completed was to wake up early when the kids were asleep, the dog was snoring, and the world was still dark.
Turns out, I still wake up early, even though there aren't any little ones under my feet and my hubby is quite quiet when he wakes up. I still have the snoring dog, however, but that's okay.
When the world is asleep, it feels as if there are no external demands I must meet. In this space, my soul dances, expands, and runs curiously as I offer it the chance to unapologetically explore emotions, desires, and even fears, the day-to-day hustle of everyday life tends to drown out.
Only a still, quiet, relaxed mind can think consciously, purposely and direct thoughts deliberately.
If you are not mastering your time, you are not mastering your mind, and therefore, much of your life, like it or not, will be a regurgitating of the past.
If you want a different reality than the one you have today, you MUST learn to MOLD that reality until one day you are LIVING in that reality.
In the beginning, there was the WORD, and before the WORD, there was deafening silence...Find the silence...and you have found everything!
I never complain about starting my day so early.
In fact, I am grateful I can and wonder why everyone isn't happy to learn how to play in this sacred space and time 🙂
Once you get the hang of an early morning routine, you will savor the time and space that permits you to BECOME YOU!
If you can't make an early morning ritual work for you, make sure you FIND the time to commune with your own SOUL sometime throughout the day when you are undisturbed and have the ability to transmute energies that no longer serve your spiritual and emotional growth.
Learn to master your time, your mind, your energies, your intentions, your visualizations and you shall master your reality!