Nov 04, 2018

Celebrate Your True Spiritual Awakening Birthday

by Lisa A. Romano

spiritual awakening

The day we are physically born represents our entrance into an unconscious world with an unconscious brain.

Our true birthday is the day we AWAKEN from the MATRIX and we begin understanding that in the moment before we were unaware we were unaware and yet in THIS DIVINE moment, we have given birth to this new MIND BLOWN perception.

No one is awakened unless they realize they once were asleep.

Codependency is the opposite of self-actualization. We are STUCK, ENMESHED, ATTACHED, TRAUMA-BONDED, ADDICTED, and alike to others in ways that help to alienate our psychological self from our AUTHENTIC SELF.

Of course, we don't know this, and because the mind is dualistic and both conscious and unconscious at the same time, we think because we eat, sleep, talk, breath, and pee, that we are awake. is not the case...That is sleep-walking...Just sayin'.

The moment YOU awaken--THAT is your true BIRTHDAY and like all special days, it should be CELEBRATED!

Most likely, no one will send you a 'Congratulations on your Spiritual Awakening Day' card nor will you find a cake in your fridge, BUT that is okay--because enlightenment means we have learned to be cool with walking alone and tooting our own horn!

If you don't remember the day you began waking up, at least honor the month or the year your true Spiritually Awakened Life Began.