Nov 10, 2020

What to look for in relationships

by Lisa A. Romano

#codependency #narcissist healthy relationships

Healthy Relationship Signs

If you were raised in a home where wounds were created daily and exploited often, and you are on a quest to find a healthy relationship as an adult today, you may be looking out for danger signs, without paying attention to healthy signs.

The Fear of Intimacy

Abused adult children can spend their lives in fear of becoming hurt inside relationship dynamics. We can fear intimacy, vulnerability and tone ourselves down. On the flip side, we can be too open too soon, and expose our deepest and most wounded parts of ourselves without building faith in the other person first.

Children in Adult Bodies

We are children in adult bodies and often do not realize that our fears as well as hopes are driving our emotions and behaviors. For these reason, when we are unaware we are unaware, we don't always make the most sound choices when it comes to choosing partners or friends.

What Does Your Healthy Relationship Look Like

If you are on the road to emotional recovery, liberation and freedom AND you wish to experience a healthy relationship in the near future, get crystal clear about the signs of a worthwhile relationship. Before you can manifest it, you must SEE it, FEEL it, and KNOW it first!
If we focus on what we don't want, our subconscious mind stays on the lookout for lions and tigers and bears. What we focus on we draw into our experiences and without being able to end toxic relationships quickly, many of us stay entangled for decades locked inside unhealthy dynamics.

Imagine Something Awesome!

BUT, if we can IMAGINE something NEW, REAL, AUTHENTIC and TRUE, our subconscious minds begin seeking these experiences instead. When we KNOW the difference between healthy and unhealthy, setting boundaries when necessary becomes a far easier task.
You are enough and you are worthy!