Oct 22, 2020

Shame makes self forgiveness a near impossibility

by Lisa A. Romano

forgiveness shame
Shame makes self forgiveness a near impossibility.
The more wounded you are, the more dysfunctional beliefs you hold about the self. If you have never felt loved, you may believe and feel that you are unworthy of love. You may not know how to connect with the North Star within. Your North Star is your divine self, however, when you have been raised in chaos, what matters most is not what is happening inside of you. What matters most is surviving what is happening outside of you, around you and to you.
What happens to us, becomes like a thick layer of tar on our souls. This tar is shame and although it is not our fault we feel shame, our minds have become twisted to believe we are responsible for the shame we feel.
Unraveling this one neurological, emotional, cognitive, psychological, vibrational, and spiritual knot can take a lifetime.
Yes, we feel shame, and yes we may falsely feel responsible for the shame we feel, and what has caused the shame, however, this is a lie, an illusion, a falsehood that we must take the time to unravel layer by painful layer.
Self forgiveness, mixed with higher consciousness can help you reconnect with the miraculous healing power of love.
Dear One, what is it you need to forgive, release, and let go of?
Today, ask shame to leave you mind, body and soul. Tell shame you are no longer taking responsibility for it. Explain to shame that it was the false belief that had you stuck feeling responsible for the shame that kept it around for so long, and explain to shame you are ready to release the energy that it is, so it can be transmuted by the energy of self love.