Aug 24, 2020

Shame conditions a child to believe who they are is not enough

by Lisa A. Romano

childhood codependency self care self love shame
Shame is a powerful emotional experience.
When a child is shamed, they are forced to detach from the very essence of who they are. Shame conditions a child to believe who they are is not enough. This is where our identity issues originate; in the belly of shame.

It is time to help the inner child fully understand that they never, ever should have been shamed for anything.

Parents use shame to control their children. Even the best of parents do this without realizing the consequences.

If you wish to know where addictions come from, consider how a child has experienced themselves as a shameful being.

Eating disorders, alcoholism, drugs, risk taking behaviors, anger, and rage...consider them all and then ask yourself, 'Has this child, or have I, ever been shamed?'

Shame has cut us off from love...and only love can help us find our way back home...

Dear One, nothing that happens in childhood is the fault of the child. Anything that occurs due to the corruption of a home, a family, or a bond to those you loved, was not your fault...Children do their best to survive with what they have and children have very little...they know they are powerless...they know they have nothing to defend themselves with except sometimes how they behave...whether or not they smile instead of cry...or shut down instead of express themselves...

Embrace your inner child, never judge is the only way...
With all of my heart...

Lisa A. Romano