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Shame corrupts the identity of the inner child

So much chaos happens inside the mind, body, and soul of a child when they are shamed for having emotions or negative reactions to how someone treats them.

When a child is shamed, they are forced to detach from the wound that caused their emotional reaction.

When they notice that mother or father, teacher, or some other authority is displeased with their emotional reaction, they let go of the very experience that has wounded them, in fear of further abandonment.

The unexperienced experience sits and rots over time. It never goes away.
Shaming a child causes them to detach and dissociate from the very essence of themselves that is necessary to help them navigate their lives in the directions of their fullest potential.

When a child is shamed, they are denied access to this potential and often, it is not until after much chaos in the adult life does this wounded inner child ever scream loud enough to be heard.

Shame forces the inner child to detach from the wonder that they are.
Shame corrupts the identity of the inner child.

Shame conditions the inner child to fawn, acquiesce, people-please and forgo their own emotional needs.

Shame drives the inner child into one-sided, corrosive, and often narcissistic relationships.

Instead of judging your Ego, try to understand it instead.

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