Mar 02, 2020

Setting Boundaries

by Lisa A. Romano

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When we find ourselves raging, crying, yelling, screaming, whining, feeling sorry for ourselves, complaining about who did what, or who said what, we may not be aware that a boundary may have prevented the messy drama we end up having to navigate.

When we are feeling tired, overwhelmed, abandoned, exasperated, bewildered, tossed aside, perplexed, confused, and dazed by others lack of consideration, in those moments, we may not be entirely aware that a little ol' boundary could have prevented the sticky conundrum we have found ourselves in.

Life is a melting pot of who said what and who did what, and unless we are clearly defined as individuals, we will undoubtedly get mixed up in other people's cupcake mix.

Be honest, when have you found yourself raging, crying, or feeling sorry for yourself, and today now realize that all that you needed to do was HONOR how you felt--tell your TRUTH and set a BOUNDARY?

When have you DENIED your truth--turned a blind eye to what you really wanted to experience, and ended up feeling resentful?

Boundaries are like cupcake wrappers. They help us know where we end and others begin.

Enmeshment is epidemic, although most people don't realize it. Today, it is commonplace to be all up in everybody else's business. From Twitter to Instagram, to Facebook and more, our society perpetuates the idea that we SHOULD care about what other people are saying and doing. The problem is, if you do not have well-defined boundaries, you can become a hot mess of gobbly goo.

When could have a boundary saved you from getting whipped up in melodrama?

When could you have prevented exhaustion, frustration, and resentment in your life with a boundary?

We use cupcake wrappers to help us CREATE a well-defined delicious masterpiece. Without them, there are limits to how beautifully defined a cupcake can become.

The MORE defined you are, the more organized your life can be and the more beautiful it can become as well because YOU are the foundation for all that is a part of your reality.

You GOT this!