May 08, 2020

Sometimes self care is all about LETTING GO!

by Lisa A. Romano

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If you have been conditioned to believe that taking care of the self or NOT doing something that someone has asked you to do is SELFISH, it can be quite difficult for you to believe that you have a right to SELF CARE.

Before we can successfully self-love, we must first heal any idea that ever had us believing we were selfish for taking time to self-care.

Dear One, you have come to EMBRACE the self and to CREATE the life you deserve. This is your birthright.

Be willing to be RESPONSIBLE for how you feel and in all communications with others, be respectful, be mindful, and be willing to allow other people the right to think what they want.

When you love the self, it is really difficult to be mean to others even when others are being mean to you.

Self care this weekend and practice allowing other people to have their opinions of you without you needing to change them.

Sometimes self care is all about LETTING GO!