Oct 01, 2018

Self Care is Your Birthright

by Lisa A. Romano

self care

Self-love requires a certain level of maturity, logic and reason. In a world full of superficiality, materialism, and illusions, it can be all too easy to fall prey to emotionality. 

We have come to EVOLVE our CONSCIOUSNESS and when we approach the concept of self-love from the realm of LOGIC and REASON, it is EASY to see that loving the self just makes SENSE! And in fact, when we stand on the plane of logic and reason, we can see that NOT loving the self makes ZERO sense. 

When we love the self, we are acting MATURELY. We are no longer acting like powerless children who need permission to take a bath, read a book, or to have a spinach salad. When we love the self, we are acting like the grown ass adults we are and are no longer moving about through life thinking we have to put up with someone else’s abuse, nonsense, lies, minimizing, shaming, gambling, drinking, cheating and alike. 

If ALL people everywhere loved the self—there would be PEACE on earth. Addictions would end. Lying would end. Narcissism and codependency would end. Victimhood would end. Recycling traumas would end. Vindictiveness and revenge would end. Physical, spiritual and emotional hunger would end. Violence would end. Suicide would end. Hate would cease to exist and as a people, we could heal whatever damage egoism, greed, and narcissism has done to the glorious planet we call home. 

Many of us feel the calling to help others, but logically speaking, we cannot help others if we have yet to help the self. If we want to help heal the world, we have to heal the self first. 

What the world needs is LOVE and so, if we want to help heal the world, it just makes sense to learn how to LOVE THE SELF FIRST. 

When you are triggered and those self-doubting thoughts creep in, OBSERVE them from a higher state of awareness and remember you are NOT those thoughts. Those thoughts are just symptoms of the past. 

LOGICALLY speaking, you have the POWER and the RIGHT to override those thoughts with SELF-LOVING DIALOGUE!

You are enough.

You are an extension of all that is. 

Joy is your birthright. 

It’s not you—it’s your programming and you have the RIGHT to change the internal dialogue.

This weekend, see if you can begin reprogramming your internal dialogue with self-loving thoughts, mantras and ideas. 

What kinds of self-affirming dialogue do you like to use?