Jun 26, 2021

This Changed My Life

by Lisa A. Romano

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Accountability Regimen

It is said that your habits create your life but what if you have no conscious awareness of your habits, what then?

If you are not aware of your habits, you have no idea about the power that is responsible for the way your life unfolds. Until you awaken, you are trapped in cave, observing shadows and believe the shadows cannot be changed. 

Habits of Thought Matter 

Your most habitual thoughts, known or unknown are stringing together molecular particles that will one day materialize as matter. Thoughts matter and in time, and through enough attention and intention, thoughts become matter. 

Right now, you have an opportunity to THINK about what you are thinking 🤔 

Right now, you can raise your level of awareness, pull back and witness what you witness. 

Most of us are 95% subconscious. Our habits are built from past patterns that our parents created while they were living below the veil and until WE AWAKEN from the dream of subconscious creation, our mindset never shifts. 

Shifts Make S**T Happen

If you stood on a rock and never moved, you'd rot there. Life would pass you by and so would all of your opportunities to jump into a new field of potential. Thoughts are like that too. When you don't challenge your thoughts, your entire life sits upon a rock and never moves. The illusion is it is moving because you are an animated being. However, in reality, if all we are doing is repeating cycles from our pasts, NO, our lives are not really moving. 

Mindset shifts make shifts happen. There is no other way. The shifts do not occur on the outside. They occur on the inside. 

The Shadows are Not Real

Many of us live our lives looking at shadows on a wall and we falsely believe that somehow we can manipulate the outer shadow outside of ourselves. However, you know at least intellectually, if you want the shadow to change form, YOU must change form first.  And if you want the shadows to cease, you must find the LIGHT. 

Accountability is a Game Change

When you cease running from reality, whatever your reality is, in that space you have an opportunity to change within. Only when we STOP long enough to witness what we witness, can we become aware of our habitual thoughts. Once you become aware of your habits of thoughts only then can you pluck out what you do not desire to continue. 

Accountability Chart to Help Facilitate Change

Feel free to use this chart to help you create NEW HABITS that can in time help you change your mind, your life and your destiny!


Lisa A. Romano was voted the #1 Most Influential Person of 2020 by Digital Journal and one of the top 10 Most Inspirational Women of 2021 according to Yahoo Finance. She is a Life Coach and Bestselling Author who specializes in Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Her YouTube Channel has over 400K subscribers, and her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has helped thousands, including psychologists and even neuroscientists, release painful emotions from the past. Romano’s approach is seen as groundbreaking and highly effective for creating the inner transformations all human beings are capable of. To learn more about Lisa and her online programs, books, speaking events and support groups, visit https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp