Jul 18, 2019


by Lisa A. Romano

divine intelligence universal connection

You ARE Everything and EVERYTHING is YOU!

On my early walk, I noticed this little creature struggling in the road. As I reached down to pick it up, it recoiled. It had no idea who or what this giant thing was touching it and trying to scoop it up into its palm.

As I observed the worm, I saw myself.

Once I was just as lost as this little guy who had somehow been cast out into oncoming traffic. Once, I had lost my way and I did not know left from right or up from down. I was confused, panic-filled, and lived with impending doom.

Like most of us, sometimes we need a helping hand to help us find our way back home.

This tiny creature is an aspect of infinite intelligence, just like you and me. It has a right to live an abundant, safe, cozy life just like the rest of us. I helped this little creature find its way back home and to the safety of the cool grass because I know everything that is--is a reflection of some aspect of myself.

What we do for ONE--we do for all and that includes ourselves.

Today, I see worth in EVERYTHING and yes even slimy little worms.

I know that I am no more or no less important than ANY aspect of the DIVINE.

May you FEEL connected and ONE with everything because everything is you and YOU are everything.

Live with COMPASSION in your heart for SELF and you will find COMPASSION for all.

Breathe deeply--YOU ARE ENOUGH and so are GARDEN WORMS!