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See Abundance ANYWHERE

abunance grateful selflove Mar 30, 2020

It is really easy to slip down a rabbit hole and forget that we are magnificent extensions of Creator. When we have spent our lives feeling like we are unworthy, it is simple to doubt we are enough. No one would fault anyone who felt sorry for themselves, who had spent a lifetime being abused. How could we? Our brains believe what they have been exposed to. As children, we do not question the rationalizations that show up in our heads that justify why we feel unloved, nor do we have any control over how people love us or don't.

But here is the thing--the universe is a vibrational place and it maintains order by simply lining up like energies with like energies through magnetism.

Why should you care?

You should care because you are a Creator too--and you can shift what you think and in doing so, you shift how you feel, and when you shift how you feel, you shift what you emit, and when you shift what you emit, you shift what you attract, and when you shift what you attract, you shift what shows up in your life.

If you understand these ramblings, you will appreciate the power in NOT feeling like a victim no matter how often or for how long you were a victim.

Start by seeing abundance ANYWHERE. Eyesight is abundance. Tasting food is abundance. Air is abundance. The ability to digest food is abundance. The sky, the moon, the planet--all abundance.

If you can make the conscious choice to see the abundance everywhere in spite of what you have ever experienced, in time, your world will shift and material abundance of all kinds will be drawn into your experience.

Stay focused Dear Ones—


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