Jan 05, 2019

Children and Social Media

by Lisa A. Romano

If we want to save the children, we must play with them...so simple--yet so profound...

Children who cannot trust that their world is safe, cannot let go and unleash their creativity nor can they connect to the self.

Instead, they will be stuck, hyper-vigilant, afraid, and on guard for the next attack. Their world will feel prickly, unsafe, and cold.

They will feel alienated from others as well as from the self and suffer from not being able to connect with others.

They may become resentful and angry and live in fear of letting anyone too close. Video games, drugs, self-harm, and alike, become ways to escape oppressive loneliness.

Every smiling face they see on social media, or at the cafe will remind them of this loneliness.

We change the world when we understand just how dark and deep any of us can get....and like it is written--"there but for the sake of God go I"

We all needed to FEEL loved and to FEEL safe and to FEEL wanted--and for those of us who NEVER felt this way--and for those who have been abused as if their lives meant absolutely nothing--it is to our own advantage to understand that ANY one of us--under the EXACT same conditions would be forced to face the hell that is the consequence of being betrayed by the people who should have cradled us in love....

There is no greater evil, than betraying a child of their birthright to feel loved....

Hug your babies--play with your grandchildren--put down the damn phone--turn off your computers--shut off the televisions--turn off the car radio--and get on the floor and look into the Dear One's eyes--

Change the world today--because you can!