Jul 10, 2020

Only when we create a relationship with our inner self can we ever hope to experience sacred intimacy with another

by Lisa A. Romano

child intimacy self love

All humans desire intimacy, but the ego will trick you into believing what you want exists in the 3D world and unless you achieve it, you are unworthy, nothing, and invalid.

Until your higher self is permitted to be more of the thinker and observer in your life, your perceptions will be hijacked by the lower, wounded, more unaware mind.

The 3D world is full of temptation. We are tempted to cling, to run and to hide. We are tempted to attach, push away, and live in fear of what is happening outside of us, or we live clinging to what is happening outside of us, feeling pulled around by the energies of others.

Only when we create a relationship with our inner self and release our attachments to the outer world, can we ever hope to experience sacred intimacy with another.

Be silent...be still...breath deeply...try not to think...just feel and believe you are enough, battle scars and all...you are enough...

Since the beginning of time, you have been under the illusion that the love you seek is somewhere outside of you....this was the greatest illusion, and an unfair one at that, of all.

ONLY when you can see, love, validate, enjoy, forgive, accept, honor, respect, and have empathy for the self, can you ever hope to manifest this in return in another who lives in the 3D world.

The Matrix is sloppy, unforgiving, unpredictable and full of people who do not know they are enough. Their lives are like turbulent oceans and their minds are ships without Captains. They know NOT where they go, or HOW to get where they wish.

You Dear One, you can awaken, grab hold of that wheel and steer your ship in the direction of nonresistance, and eventually learn to flow with all that is love...but to do so...you have to find the love that you are on the inside...and that means coming out of denial and living above the veil of consciousness.
We all live in the sloppy Matrix, BUT we don't have to stay asleep at the wheel.
Waking up is an act of self love.