Sep 28, 2018

Do You Want to Upgrade Your Vibrations?

by Lisa A. Romano

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The more we LOVE the self, the more LOVE we shall experience from the outside world.

Until we learn to give ourselves the emotional support, kindness, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion we deserve, we may stay stuck in unhealthy patterns seeking what we deserve and need from the outside.

We are BLOCKED from LOVE instead of being able to FLOW and RECEIVE LOVE and this is the opposite of what we have come to do.

The matrix is like a garden and if we can stay aware, we can consciously and deliberately choose what seeds we plant in this magical garden.

Whenever you sow a seed of compassion to the self or others, that energy must return to you.

When you love, forgive, nurture, honor, and respect the self, you are overriding the defense programs that keep us from being able to experience true intimacy.

In all things, send self and others a transmission of love energy!

When you do, you are overriding old defense programs that keep our egos in control.

Love your ego--understand your ego--teach your ego--relax your ego--breath compassion into your ego--and this will allow you to expand your ability to hold more LOVE and LIGHT energy in your physical and ethereal body.

Dear Ones, choose to transmit LOVE energy back to times when you felt unloved--when you were confused about who you were--when you were experimenting with sexuality--when you were unsure about career choices--when you were involved in conflicting relationships--when you were self-sabotaging--when your ego and defense programs were in control--and when you did not know you were enough and connected to all that is.

Upgrade your vibrations today my deliberately choosing to send transmissions of love and light energy to those parts of you that ever felt trapped in lower frequencies of thought and emotions.

The matrix is a garden--it is YOUR garden.

SOW what you wish to REAP Dear Ones...this is your birthright!