Apr 05, 2020

Prayer Chain for Family and Victims Everywhere

by Lisa A. Romano

covid_19 prayer chain

Prayers for Victims and Family Impacted by the Coronavirus of 2020

While meditating today, I began envisioning a friend whom I love walking out of the hospital healed, fully recovered, and happy.

Here on Long Island, my family and I know and love a number of those impacted by the Coronavirus. The challenges are real. The emotions are strong and the pull to try and control something I cannot control keeps me on my toes.

Wishing to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, I decided to begin a Prayer Chain for anyone who wishes to offer the names of a loved one they would like me, my family, and those willing to participate to pray for.

Faith has no religion. Faith is a powerful resource fear pisses on when we need it the most.

I believe in unwavering faith and especially when the going gets rough.

I also believe in combined consciousness and in the power of numbers when spirits, hearts, intentions, vibrations, emotions, and desires aligned.

Please feel free to offer anyone you would like our community to engulf mind, body and soul with healing love and light energy.

We are stronger together!


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