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Healing Our Fear of Not Being Good Enough

i am enough perfectionism Nov 06, 2018

We all strive for it--but no one can define it. How crazy is that?

We all want it--berate ourselves for not gaining it, but none of us have any clue what it is like to be 'perfect'.

Who has the perfect set of eyes?

Who has the perfect nose?

Who has perfect hair, career, teeth, relationship, home, or family life?

And by the way, who gets to set those parameters anyway?

What imperfect human out there gets to tell the rest of us what perfect is?

In a day where television and radio 'programming' fill our quantum fields with visual and audio messages that covertly brainwash us to assume some ridiculous set of unreachable standards, it is imperative we RECLAIM our SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS.

WE THE PEOPLE, forget, we OWN our BRAINS and our MINDS and we have a RIGHT to decide what our definition of perfect is.

My definition of perfection is this...feel free to add your to breakthrough the faulty MATRIX that has been weaved together for centuries is going to take a TREMENDOUS effort and by the way, is an inside job. We need all the QUANTUM MOJO we can muster to create a shift.

Accepting one's self as a work in progress, without internal conflict, judgment, or shame is perfection...

Accepting one's self as a multi-dimensional 'thing' with many layers, many rooms, many sorrows, many joys, with many unfulfilled as well as fulfilled dreams without guilt, disappointment, or criticisms is perfection...

Accepting that our appearances do not define us and embracing our essence as our true self, which includes our wounded, younger, immature, obstinant, sometimes defiant, angry, reactive self, as a layer of our DIVINE SELF is perfection...

Accepting that the MIND needs to be CULTIVATED, WEEDED, NURTURED and OBSERVED rather than given all our emotional power to is perfection...

Accepting that no one can possibly have all the answers all the time, and appreciating that sometimes NOT knowing what to do is, in fact, normal, rather than berating one's self for simply not having the DATA to respond to a new situation is perfection...

Accepting that death is as natural as birth, and that the only thing that is guaranteed at ANY moment is THIS MOMENT, and being ever aware that in each moment, we are in the creative process of creating future realities--AND doing what we can to stay COGNIZANT of this fact is perfection...

Accepting that I AM ULTIMATELY responsible for whether or not I exercise, eat right, take care of my skin, my mind, soul, home, my finances, my career, and my relationships, and doing what I can to love, nurture and respect ALL aspects of my life to the best of my ability in any given moment--is perfection...

Accepting that from time to time I will piss people off and they will piss me off, and understanding that my only control is HOW I REACT and learning to allow others to have whatever opinion they have of me without losing my shit over shit I can't control is perfection...

Perfection is the striving for and taking accountability for a desire to better one's self deliberately through a sense of INTEGRITY and RESPECT for what it means to be human without the unnecessary burden of assessing guilt to one's self for being human in the first place.


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