Apr 03, 2020

Parents who ridicule, chastise, insult and demean others, are not modeling self-loving behavior

by Lisa A. Romano

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Those of us who never saw our parents take self-love and self-care seriously, do not know how to take ourselves seriously.

If you had parents that complained, whined, and felt sorry for themselves, you may have been taught how to DISEMPOWER yourself rather than EMPOWER yourself. Parents who ridicule, chastise, insult and demean others, are not modeling self-loving behavior. In fact, they are modeling DISEMPOWERING behavior and unfortunately, teaching separation from love rather than inclusion of love.

Heart-centered parents do what they can to infuse their child’s mind and body with the vibration of love because they wish only love return to their children. People who are heart-centered, prefer NOT to judge others as they understand that all that they emit must return to them in some way.

People who love themselves take care of themselves and that includes their homes, cars, finances, businesses, careers, relationships, their dreams, their mental, spiritual and emotional health and their physical health as well. When we love the self, it is easy to love others, let things go, and rely on logic to help us avoid falling into a DISEMEPOWERING mindset.

This weekend, take some time to think more seriously about your life. What areas need improvement and what can you do to make sure you are sowing energy into the areas of your life that need some TLC?

How can you ensure you are NOT falling into a DISEMPOWERING mindset and that you are choosing LOVE instead of fear?

Are you eating properly?

Do you exercise enough?

Does your house need to be more organized?

How are your finances shaping up?

Could your car use an energetic cleansing?

Is there someone you’ve been meaning to call?

Life is passing us by and we can either make things happen that can EMPOWER what impacts our life, or not.

This weekend, take some time to take YOU more seriously.

What is one thing you’ve been meaning to do but have been putting off and how would finally doing that thing, make you feel?