Apr 02, 2020

It is fine to have people NOT like you

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency enough selflove

It can be so HARD to face, but the reality is, not everybody is going to like you, agree with you, validate you, or love you.

When you have grown up feeling like it was your job to make sure everybody else was okay but you—it can be quite the mind-bender when you start to confront the faulty belief that has you unconsciously programmed to believe it is YOUR JOB to get people to like you.






How many of us have been under the illusion that it was the WORST thing in the world to have someone NOT like us?

Crazy, I know!

Turns out—it is TOTALLY acceptable to NOT BE LIKED—and to even be DISLIKED!



It is totally okay to have your neighbor, friend, cousin, and even a significant other NOT agree with you!

It is totally fine to have people NOT like you.

Guess what? Even if people don’t like you, the world continues to spin and the sun still comes out in the morning. To an abused adult child, the fear of NOT being liked or loved is paralyzing, but that is only because you have not confronted the ILLUSION or pierced the VEIL OF UNCONSCIOUSNESS enough.

Today, think about it more deeply. You don’t like or love everyone you meet and that is totally fine, right? Well, the same goes for how people feel about you. Some will like you, love you, and some might even really, really dislike you—but—that is totally fine.

Ya know why?

Because you Dear One are ENOUGH!

The world is a big place and it is not your job to make sure you appease everyone you know.

Be you—that’s enough.