Mar 31, 2020

Learning how NOT to react to your emotions, or the emotions of others

by Lisa A. Romano

abuse amygdala emotions

We all have a miraculous internal guidance system, although many of us have been taught NOT to trust it.

Abused adult children do not always realize how reactive their thinking is or how impulsive their actions can be. For this reason, making sure we ‘think’ before we speak and or ‘do’, is critical.

The amygdala is all about REACTIVITY, anger, survival, fear, abandonment, rejection and shame. Without even thinking, abused adult children can be emotionally triggered and say and do things they would not have done had they known how to or desired to RELAX, MEDITATE, and CONNECT with their HIGHER SELF before reacting to something in their environment.

Think of how many times you have said ‘yes’ when you have meant ‘no’ or how many times you have lashed out, when in hindsight, you had wished you had spoken with LOVE instead of fear, anger, resentment, or shame.

The GREAT NEWS is, we can learn to STOP, LISTEN, THINK, PAUSE, REGROUP, and SOOTHE our amygdala!

Within EACH and EVERY one of us is the GREAT I AM PRESENCE.

Yep—YOU are an extension of all that is—and YOU can learn to QUIET the INNER even though all CHAOS is breaking loose around you.

How would your life change if you knew how NOT to react to your emotions, or the emotions of others, and instead you knew how to THINK and OBSERVE your emotions and the emotions of others?

DETACHING from my emotions and learning to DETACH from the energy of emotions of others has helped me stay tethered to the I AM within, and especially when energies around me pick up and begin to swirl.

There is ONE universal TRUTH—and that is that we are ALL ENOUGH!

How can your life change by holding onto this truth?

How would your life improve if you could maintain a sense of GRATITUDE for the fact that YOU are an extension of all that is MAGNIFICENT, OMNIPOTENT and ENOUGH?