Apr 10, 2020

It is easy to neglect the self when you have never felt enough

by Lisa A. Romano

enough neglect selflove

It is so easy to neglect the self, especially if you have never felt valued, loved, protected, nurtured and enough.

BUT—as grown ass adults, it is time to STOP making excuses for why we continue to perpetuate NOT taking care of the self.

This weekend, make sure to take time out to LOVE you. That might mean going to bed an hour early, reading a book, taking a bath, or making yourself some chicken soup. It might mean meditating, journaling, or watching that movie you’ve been meaning to watch, or it might mean finally catching that Yoga class you’ve been meaning to try out.

Inside all of us is a KNOWING.

We know what we need and what we want, but when we are in the habit of IGNORING what we KNOW to be true, our actions follow suit, our life sucks, we feel like crap, and we fall into ruts that grow deeper each passing day.

This weekend make it a point to do something you’ve been meaning to do. FINALLY listen to that KNOWING and HONOR YOU!

Have you known what you wanted and needed in the past, and ignored them? How did it make you feel when you denied yourself what you know you deserved and what are you doing now to change those negative habits?

Dear One, what will you get done this weekend?
Please share if doing so resonates with you.