Dec 02, 2018

Dealing With Negative People

by Lisa A. Romano

negative people nonreactive

It took me a very long time to realize that when I reacted to aggressive others with the same intensity that they offered me, that I was actually equalizing myself to THEIR energies. 

When I finally SHUTTY SHUTTY and learned to OBSERVE myself, I was able to acknowledge this vibrational truth.  Once I acknowledged how I was showing up in my own skin, I found the FREE WILL to liberate myself from EGO.

We may not always realize it, but other people's anger has the ability to CONTROL us outside our conscious awareness.  

To be liberated is find the ability to control the mind and especially our emotions. 

The next time someone throws their anger and shade your way, bob and weave Dear Ones--bob and weave. 

Don't take the bait--stay in the vibration of LOVE.