Jun 17, 2021

Tired of Living in Fear

by Lisa A. Romano

narcissist narcissistic abuse narcissistic abuse recovery stillness

If you are struggling with learning to get in touch with your feelings, and you walk around in fear, it is important to recognize that moving into the stillness of who you are can help you transcend the attachments of ego. 

You are Not Your Form

We can get all caught up in our psychology and forget that our neurology impacts our biology. We also don't always remember that childhood experiences help mold our neurobiology and thus impacts our neuropsychology. 

We forget that we are NOT our bodies, or our minds and that at our core, we are divine beings of light; an extension of infinite intelligence. 

Narcissists are STUCK

Narcissists are stuck in the 3D world, attached to their bodies and their minds and live in complete reaction to what they feel. Without THINKING about what you witness your body and mind experience, you are nailed to the wheel of karma. Narcissists lack self-awareness and empathy, which means YOU don't really exist in their fabricated world. 

If you want to be free of narcissists and your fears, go within!


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