Nov 09, 2020

Narcissists & Boundaries

by Lisa A. Romano

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Narcissists and Boundaries

Someone who loves you, cares about you and actually wants to know how you REALLY feel, welcomes open communication. Someone who is mature, has your back and can experience you as a 3D autonomous being WANTS to know how you experience the world.
However, when faced with needing to set boundaries with narcissists, this is not the case.
  • Narcissists will find ways to punish you for daring to set boundaries.
  • They are angered by your desire to have an open dialogue.
  • They are resentful that you dare to suggest they've crossed a line and how you feel never crosses their mind.

Overt Narcissist 

Overt narcissists are easier to spot. They will bully you, verbally abuse you, demean you and treat you unkindly and often, openly in front of others.

Covert Narcissist 

Covert narcissists however, find other ways to show their hidden rage, aggression, and resentments. When dealing with covert narcissists, you will need to rely on your intuition, hunches, and common sense.
Covert narcissists find various ways to let you know they are not happy with you setting a boundary. What you will notice is, there will be no genuine interest in your experiences, your emotions, your needs, or your desires. You will notice a need for the covert narcissist to do what they've always done, and that is make your experience about them.
Be careful out there.