Mar 27, 2019

Narcissistic Abuse Symptoms-What You Should Know

by Lisa A. Romano

narcissistic abuse narcissistic abuse symptoms

It is vitally important that we as human beings take steps to consider how we feel.

Without asking ourselves how we feel, we can stay in unconscious states, repeat old patterns, get sick, and spend our lives managing chaos.

When it comes to narcissistic abuse, this is not always easy to spot. Narcissists are very convincing, in fact, they are incredibly convincing and totally believe they are right and all others who oppose them must be wrong.

If you are someone who questions themselves, lives with self-doubt, and suffers from low self-worth, it is incredibly easy to succumb to the abuse of a narcissist.

Many of us never realize we are in relationships with people with high narcissistic traits until it is too late. We are sick, dissociative, and sometimes even suicidal.

Thankfully many of us are waking up and seeing the signs before we hit the wall.

I hope this list can help you think more seriously about the energetic nature of your relationships.

Remember, no one has to change for us. We have to change but unless we can identify a problem, we tend to stay IN the problem and are unable to find solutions.


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