Apr 13, 2020

Today, do what you can to LOVE your inner child

by Lisa A. Romano

innerchild love selflove
Abused adult children were denied a happy childhood and that is not our fault—BUT—as long as we have air in our lungs, we have the opportunity to BREATH DEEPLY and to choose LOVE.

Yes, in spite of all that has been, in any given moment, we can STOP living in survival mode and begin connecting to the SPIRIT within.

In each of us, there is a HOLY SPIRIT that is connected and even an extension of the CREATOR of all that is. Isn’t that just awesome Dear Ones?

You, your essence, is an extension of SOURCE.

WOW—just WOW.

Don’t let those negative thoughts fool you—they are temporary and once you connect more deeply to your DIVINE HEART, they will begin to fade.


Yes, our childhood experiences may have caused us to live in survival mode, to lash out, to run away, to dissociate, and to fear letting go of our old patterns that have kept us safe, but in every moment exists the opportunity for a TOTAL MIRACLE!

When we CHOOSE LOVE, the love of self—the love of GAIA, the love of CREATOR, the love of the sky, the moon, the sea, the stars, our pets, whatever—the point is when we CHOOSE to LOVE something, anything, we LOOSE the chains of darkness and fear that have kept us stuck for so long.

Today, do what you can to LOVE your inner child, LOVE the planet, LOVE your pet, just LOVE something, anything.


When you choose LOVE over FEAR, you are choosing LIGHT over the DARK. When you choose to LOVE you in spite of never really feeling loved, you are OVERCOMING forces that have kept mankind in bondage since the beginning of time.

The NEW EARTH will unfold as a result of the NEW MAN or the NEW MIND.

The NEW MIND, deliberately CHOOSES LOVE even when it is easier not to.

NEVER choose FEAR over LOVE Dear Ones. This is the way we change ourselves and the planet.