Apr 15, 2020

Love is a choice and a state of being

by Lisa A. Romano

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Love is a choice and a state of being.

Love is an action word as it reflects a nonphysical state that is acted upon by a physical being.

To help us understand what love truly is, it helps to rest one’s mind on the simplicity that abounds in nature.

Today, focus your attention on the beauty of a single flower. Study it. Watch it. Imagine what it feels like to be a single rose or sunflower in a garden of many in a world it does not worry about, unconcerned with what the other sunflowers or roses think.

Do what you can to imagine and connect on a vibrational level to the absolute stillness of that flower.

Just for a few moments, drop your own mind. Drop your thoughts. Drop your worries over your past wounding experiences. Drop your worry and connect to the infinite streams of abundance that is always--and was always about you.

Just for a few moments, become still of mind and milk the experience of love. Milk the feeling of pure acceptance, peace, and stillness that is love.

Learning to love the self is, in fact, an art.

As physical beings, we are born to this physical time-space reality that has been infused with pain, suffering, anxiety, and dysfunction.

Many of us have been victims of others ill thought processes.

All of us have been infected with pain, as we have all been born into a system--a matrix--that has been set into motion to help fuel the illusions that keep this society moving economically.

Although many of us 'feel' wrong, ill, broken, and unworthy, the truth is we are not.

Although many of us 'feel' like we are rats running a race, the truth is we are not.

The illusions of the material world are created to keep beings out of love with their own selves--rather than connected to their inner and true self--and happy.

Happy, healthy and well-adjusted beings are less profitable than weary, obese, diabetic, and fracture minded beings.

Today, begin your journey towards learning to master the art of loving self, through a simple mind-expanding exercise.

Tomorrow, do the exercise again. And then the next day and then the next, until it is your dominant experience to easily connect to the stream of well-being that is truly you, and always was.

Healing requires us to become nonresistant to experiences we were powerless to control and the more we reach for peace within, the more authentic our lives shall become.

Namaste—you are and always were ENOUGH!