Jul 29, 2023

10 Day Free Challenge to Live Above the Veil of Consciousness

by Lisa A. Romano

10 day challenge lisa a romano living above the veil of consciousness trauma matrix

The world is full of people stuck in their heads, observing life through an invisible veil while being bombarded by thoughts and voices in their minds berating themselves or others, unaware they are unaware, as perceptual faculties trigger emotional chemical responses within their bodies. 

Far removed from authenticity, as humans, we are more automated by default trauma responses, yet innocently unaware of the power that lies within. 

And while trauma is not our fault, nor are we the designer of human unconsciousness, we owe it to ourselves and others to do what we can to awaken and transcend past paradigms. 

Within each of us is a sacred loophole that allows us to escape the matrix of the past, often created by abusive others who conditioned our innocent subconscious minds to live in fear rather than love, yet we can't see it. 

To discover the loophole that leads to authenticity, autonomy, self-advocacy, emotional freedom, and transcendence, we must learn to be still and go into the silence within.

Ahh...but this is where things get complicated.

While distracted and busy, we rarely notice what's happening between our ears.

Silence is not so easy for most of us...here's why...

***The mental plane is built for busy thoughts, like a bustling highway; by default, it is a congested place full of unskilled drivers. 

***The mind is a bucket full of the consequences of perceptual faculties and is governed by Richie, the Reticular activating system, Amy, the Amygdala, and Hippocampus Harry.  Memory Marty lives to tell old stories, which innocently activates Terry Triggers, whose job is to remember what we felt like when an old memory flashes across the screen of the mind. 

***The human body is innocent and is built to mirror what is felt in the mind. What we feel, we think. Thinking and feeling have chemical consequences that affect every neuron and organ. 

***The mind is more subconscious and habitual than it is conscious, and the human brain is a network of neurological pathways that have been reinforced by default and, eventually, become the foundation for every thought, emotion, and action we take.

But hold on. I'm not done...

***Every human is in a theta brainwave state until they are seven years old, which means we've all been hypnotized by our childhood experiences. 

***The human body is more space and energy than it is matter, and since atoms vibrate, we each carry a particular resonance, like it or not. 

*** Self-awareness is not a given. The mind is built to operate on auto-pilot, and if you don't believe me, research the Default Mode Network. If that doesn't freak you out, please know it should. And it should also help you to begin to understand the LOOPHOLE.

Until we escape this biofeedback system, we remain slaves to our pasts, governed by default settings, all while loopholes exist. 

Overcoming the past is akin to Mental Olympics. As someone committed to living in higher states of consciousness, I accept the resolve this requires to manage my thoughts, emotions, and the meanings I give that which I perceive. 

I detest the idea of anything controlling me, and because we all have the potential to take more control of the mental plane, that's how I plan to spend my life, and I hope you do too. 

If you are not thinking freely, your thoughts are thinking you.

The collective consciousness of past generations, dogma, separation ideologies, negative childhood programming, political opinions, family of origin issues, and alike, all pool into the well of the mind, and if we are not careful, we can become attached to transient ideas that arrest us forever, all while the loopholes exist. 

To escape the matrix of the past, we must learn to live above the veil of consciousness. 

And that's why I wanted to share this FREE 10 Day Challenge to Live Above the Veil of Consciousness With You

Dear One, I hope that one day you will know just how powerful you are. 

Every day for ten days, you will receive an email from me that contains a key idea, journaling exercises, and a short written meditation. You will also receive a one to two-minute video introducing the key concepts. I aim to help introduce you to the power of an organized mind, which you can control through a raising of consciousness, self-awareness, commitment, practice, mindfulness, meditation, and a never give up attitude!

Start Your 10 Day Challenge Here

I had no clue I was living below the veil of consciousness and that I was raised by those unaware they were living below the veil too.

Yet, when I decided I would not die someone who lived below the veil and ran toward emotional recovery and spiritual growth with both arms open, my patience, commitment, and never give up attitude paid off in time.

You can breakthrough the veil of consciousness and master your life! It is an honor to show you the way!

May your mind awaken to itself, and you discover the patience, inspiration, and desire to know your true self beyond the matrix of the past.


Lisa A. Romano is a certified Life Coach, and bestselling author who was voted the #1 Most Influential Person of 2020. She is also one of the most listened to meditation teachers on Insight Timer. Lisa’s podcast, Breakdown to Breakthrough is one of the top 100 mental health shows available. Codependent Now What? and the Codependency Manifesto were voted two of the best books of all time on the topic of Codependency. She is an expert in the field of codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery. Her mission is to empower wounded adult children who were raised in toxic homes, heal from abandonment wounds that create codependency, and fuel self abandonment with the strategies as well as tools they need to live an authentic, empowered life. Her flaghship program, The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, has helped thousands reclaim their authentic identity, and emotional freedom. Her motto is, It’s Not You — It’s Your Programming.