Jan 18, 2021

Life will drop shit at your door

by Lisa A. Romano

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As we enter into a New Year, we all must do what we can to stay on the healing path, monitor our thoughts, mind our vibrations, and pluck out of our consciousness those ideas that pinch us off from the stream of abundance, health, happiness, contentment, joy, and peace of mind. In times like these, doing so can feel like a herculean task.
Each and every single one of us has been impacted by the pandemic. Some of us have lost businesses, jobs, and many of our hopes have been dashed. And there are those of us who have paid the ultimate price by having lost a loved one.
It is difficult to find the words to comfort heavy hurts when the world seems to have gone mad. When we have lost freedoms, liberties, a sense of safety, and those we loved the most.
It is difficult to remember that within us is the power to manage our emotions when it feels as if our feet are on fire and the walls around us are closing in.
It is difficult to remember to strive to be warrior-like when worry feels like it is what you need to do and all you can do.
I get it.
We are all human beings, with default factory settings that operate the same way.
We've all been brainwashed, downloaded, and conditioned by those who were in control when we were children.
We all have memories, emotional flashbacks, inner critics, egos, and an inner child that has been rendered helpless by the way the subconscious mind operates.
We have all been stressed beyond our wildest imaginations, pounded with negative news media, and rattled by speculation, confusion, finger-pointing, and despair.
We have all been told to be afraid, stay afraid, and to remain afraid. And while it is helpful to remain diligent and cautious, many of us have been living in a state of fear, imagining outcomes others wish us to stay mindful of.
No, it is not easy to live in a 3D world, as an organic, biological, chemical, vibrational, emotional, psychological, neurological, and spiritual being, that bathes in a universal bathtub with other people's energies.
No, it is not easy to be a 3D being on a 3D planet, that is both subconscious and conscious at the same time who has no other choice but to become quantumly entangled with other 3D beings whether we like it or not.
And yet, neither you nor I have a choice. The field is alive. Thoughts become things. Mass consciousnesses manifest accepted ideas faster than a single thought. The universe registers every thought, every fear, every belief, and mirrors back to us the collective.
If you were NOT awakened, these thoughts might force you to throw your hands up in the air and say, "Screw this! What the hell is the point?"
Aww...but you know too much!
You know that you are more powerful than you once imagined.
You know that when someone becomes obsessed with a desire, harnesses passion, and purpose, they CAN BREAKTHROUGH!
You know, that familial patterns are karmic agreements that your family has made consciously or unconsciously. You know that if your mother was abused, and her mother was abused, your mother most likely abused you. THIS IS AN UNCHALLENGED AGREEMENT!
You also know that when you take the time to BREAKTHROUGH, you get to SHIFT the paradigms. You get to MASTER your life. You get to CHANGE the karmic patterns of your family for generations to come!
When life presents us with things unwanted, we have two choices.
We can surrender or resist. It is my deepest, deepest, desire, that as life unfolds for you and drops unwanted shit at your door AND IT WILL, you are prepared with the tools you need to make the right choice. It is my hope, the tools I offer you can help you make such choices.