Feb 21, 2019

Attach to No Thing

by Lisa A. Romano

attachments letting go

All problems are the result of one's interpretations of a particular situation. Deeper, all problems are the result of our attachments to a particular outcome we have egotistically presumed is the proper and only correct outcome. Deeper, all pain in this world is the result of a being who falsely presumes their happiness is dependent upon something or someone outside of itself they cannot realistically control.

Happiness then can only come by way of letting go of our ideas of attachment. When one intellectually or emotionally attaches to an outcome, they have unknowingly pinched themselves off from freedom. By placing our happiness on outcomes, people, situations and experiences outside of ourselves, we cut ourselves off from the joy we think we were after in the first place.

You are reading this, but you may not be in control of the thoughts that are popping into your head as you read it. You may not even be aware that you have control over the thoughts that are showing up in your conscious mind as you read it.

The mind is very much like a car. When we look at cars, although we may enjoy looking at and appreciating the exterior of the car, we all know that what is really running the car is what we cannot see; the engine.

Your mind is not what you hear the 5% of you saying to itself. Your thoughts are the result of the 95% of you that is not within your conscious mind; your engine.

Until a mind comes to the awareness of its Self--it is a mind that is sadly running by default, based on the unconscious conditioning and programming of its childhood experiences and interpretations.

In many cases, until a mind has suffered enough humility--it is unable to release the ego, which inhibits the minds ability to become aware of its inner self. The Self is you minus your ego--your fears--your inhibitions--past wounds and problematic attachments.

It is a wonderful and miraculous thing to drop the mind and thus the ego by choice, rather than through pain. When as we age we discover ourselves humbled by our changing bodies, or when those we love die, or when our financial states decline, in many cases, we are forced to question our attachments to things and to people.

If as we age we are able to let go and move beyond the illusions of materialism and concretism, we are wiser and thus happier for it. But if we are unable to accept the impermanence of life, as we age we run the risk of getting stuck, and rather than embrace the freedom that comes with wisdom, many times we fill with anxiety and regret instead.

To master the mind, requires great strength, for it is a much more difficult thing to release illusions than it is to cling to them, for many of us do not know what lies beyond the door that leads to Self.

Namaste--you are loved.