Jun 07, 2021

Getting Over a Narcissist

by Lisa A. Romano

breakup getting over a narcissist leaving a narcissist

Getting over a narcissist can be easier than you think with a shift in your mindset. It is important to remember a narcissistic person is stuck, living in their densest reality. Unfortunately, most narcissists do very poorly in therapy.

  • They think they're smarter than the therapist
  • They see the therapist as a form of narcissistic supply
  • They bore easily
  • They don't think there is anything wrong with them

If You Love a Narcissist

Loving someone with high narcissistic traits will demand you deny your needs for the sake of the self-absorbed person you love. 

Narcissists are DESIGNED to NOT Hear You

It is a really tough pill to swallow. Narcissists may say they want to hear you, but they don't, because they can't. Narcissist's ego wounds are so deep that their minds are built to defend against a possible threat. If you are someone who wishes to hold a narcissist accountable, fugetaboutit!

  • They lovebomb you only to gain your trust and to boost their own ego
  • Before too long, you'll notice snide remarks which cause you to feel devalued and to wonder whether or not this person loves you any longer
  • They will pretend to listen to your concerns, but nothing will ever change because deep down inside, they just don't care

Let Them Go

Letting go of a chaotic narcissistic relationship is not an easy task to do, however, with a few shifts in your mindset, you absolutely can develop tremendous resiliency and gain invaluable wisdom too!

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