Jul 10, 2018

Leaders View Failures as Opportunities--Grow Your Mindset and FREE Yourself

by Lisa A. Romano

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Our ability to ebb and flow, grow and change will determine how far we can take our lives, regardless of how dysfunctional or traumatic our pasts may have been.

Being open-minded enough to check in with your mindset allows you the freedom to DECIDE who and what you want to become.

Today, it is my hope, that you do what you can to check in with your mindset, and especially when it comes to times in your life when you perceived a particular experience as a failure.

There was a time, I saw the ending of a friendship or a relationship as a huge failure until I began to accept that sometimes relationships change because the tone or the frequency of the agreements between people have changed.

I once saw myself as a failure as a mother because my children were the product of a divorce. All that changed when I began to see that through the divorce, I could offer my children so much more than I ever could while married to their father.

When my first book was rejected or ignored by over 100 publishing houses, it was difficult NOT to believe I had failed somehow. That too changed, when I realized that in spite of not being picked up by a publishing house, I STILL had the POWER to publish my book through self-publishing avenues.

Sometimes it is difficult to believe we have not failed when others criticize us, or when we feel abandoned. BUT, in those times, surrender and nonresistance can help us remember that our GREATEST task on earth is to love the self.

When we love the self and we finally know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are enough, from that NEW and GLORIOUS vantage point, we can understand the beauty of a failure.

All it takes is a shift in consciousness to begin creating a healthier mindset around what most people would consider failures. There is no such thing as a failure unless we believe there is. All that is, is a construct of our subconscious belief systems asking for our higher mind to soften, mold, and to understand.

All is well--no matter what size fish you catch or never catch.


Because you are enough, you always were, and you shall forever be!

The good news is leadership and a growth mindset can be cultivated. Success is not determined by intelligence since intelligence can also be cultivated. The brain has no limit to what it can learn and retain.

The question is not can you become the leader of your life experience, the question is, will you?

Look up, close your eyes, and take a deep breath Dear Ones...this entire planet has been created for you <3

All my love,