Jul 04, 2018

Independence Begins in the Fourth Dimension

by Lisa A. Romano

It is Independence Day here in the United States but it can be a day of FREEDOM wherever you live.

If we want to be free, we have to first FOCUS on the thought of experiencing freedom. From there we must BELIEVE it is possible for us to be free. Without the focus and the belief, we cannot experience MANIFESTATION.

Every person who has healed themselves of depression, anxiety, codependency or cancer, first focused and then believed that what they desired was possible.

Before any of us can be free from a dysfunctional relationship, we must first believe this possibility exists. 


What is keeping us stuck is not outside of ourselves.

What keeps us stuck is inside our own heads. 

We are attached to ideas, beliefs, notions, concepts, and programs that do not serve our higher good, and in turn, this faulty programming has us feeling and believing we are stuck.  When we are NOT thinking, we are recreating our past in the NOW which is weaving together our future.  We are STUCK but not because we must be, but because we are not using our neocortex or our prefrontal lobe correctly


Let Go

All that you see is sand slipping through your fingers. NOTHING that you lay your eyes upon is permanent. The only thing that is permanent is YOU, the essence that you are that you carry with you through your transition after the body has expired. 

When we let go of attaching ourselves to the illusion that has us feeling we must control how other people see us or feel about us, or what they say about us, independence arrives. From there we learn to navigate our lives by learning to process the emotions and physical sensations that arrive in our body as we move forward in life moment by moment. 

Yes, to live a fulfilling and purposeful life in a world that can appear to be so dark takes MASTERY. It is what it is.  The world won't change for us--we must change!


Free Will Zone

This planet is a free will zone and although many rulers have found ways to imprison their people, this was not the intention of Creator.  However, because this is a free will zone, and because man has the potential to become the ruler of his own life, it is up to the individual to BREAKTHROUGH and BREAK FREE of the materialism and superficiality of the 3D world. 

4th Dimension

We do this by deliberately molding the 4th dimension, the land of the non-physical. 

Freedom MUST first be Imagined in the Fourth Dimension

All that you see was first imagined in the fourth dimension before it manifested in the 3D world. 

Today, in honor of Independence Day, I do hope you begin to free yourself from any attachments you may still wrestle with. 

Remember this today as you do what you can to continue to BREAKTHROUGH!

  • You are enough.
  • It was never you--it was always your programming.
  • You can RECLAIM your brain.
  • You can become the Master of your Reality. 
  • It is not your fault you have been living in the past and recreating the future through the unconscious NOW experience. 

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