Aug 04, 2020

If someone respects and loves you--you'll know it.

by Lisa A. Romano

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This post is for anyone who is dating, living, or working with someone who has an arrogant, intellectual air about them, who finds ways to put them down. This post is for anyone who has to deal with someone who behaves as if they are supremely more intelligent than others and who MUST find ways to tell the world how amazingly brilliant they are and often at your expense.

Not all narcissists are unintelligent sociopaths. Some of them in fact, are the brightest minds on earth. When we are dealing with an intellectual or cerebral narcissist, it can be even more challenging to hold onto the self because they have such a wonderful command of language.

In the end, consider how people make you feel.

If someone respects and loves you--you'll know it.

If someone is trying to make you feel bad so they can feel good--you'll know that too.

Drop into your heart space and ask yourself, "How does this person make me feel?" and then, listen.

Don't let any little smarty pants make you feel bad about you!

Remember, the people who need to one-up you in life, may not deserve to be in your life.