Jun 16, 2020

Master Your Mind and Master Your Life

by Lisa A. Romano

how to be happy law of attraction

Show me the way to peace and I shall obey those laws willingly because peace is my birthright and in a world full of chaos, a map is a wonderful thing. I am tired of not knowing what I do not know.

Obedience to certain natural laws helps guarantee a smoother ride here on planet earth.

  • A chaotic mind cannot manifest what it desires. Instead, an untamed mind, that is reactive to every whim of ego will manifest more chaos.
This is a natural neurological, biological, chemical, and psychological law.
  • A chaotic mind that is full of self doubt, will focus on what it cannot control, and will try to control what it cannot control, which will only cause the mind to feel more out of control, thus creating more chaos.
Obedience to the self brings order to the chaotic mind, although learning to obey the authentic truth of the self, may unleash chaos in your life, in time, contentment, liberation, and fulfillment eventually shows up.
The truth may set you free, but that does not mean it won't feel like a bee is stinging your eye.
It is natural for the mind to recoil when fear shows up and the mind lacks the skills to face a challenge head on. However, it is also natural for the energy you emit due to that fear, to send out a signal to the field of energy we all stew in, and to have that fear be responded to -- with more fear.
And when instead, I am bold and courageous in spite of my fear, I am peeling myself off a worn out karmic wheel. In that new space, I have found the field of potential and now, I know I can begin to believe in a new reality.
What I think, believe, and feel I am in alignment with. Learning to master what I think, believe and feel, is a wise thing to do.
If I want flow, I must find it within myself first and I must obey the route to get there.
  • When I stop at red lights, I attract far less traffic tickets.
  • When I take my thyroid medicine at the same time everyday with water rather than coffee, the way I prefer to take my medication, the medication works better.
  • When I study, I am able to enrich my life and the lives of my children.
  • If I don't honor myself, my children won't honor themselves.
  • When I better myself, I teach my children self accountability which in turn, will help increase their chances of success and survival even long after I am gone.
  • When I eat small meals I experience far less stomach upset.
  • When I wake up at the same time every morning, I am honoring my circadian rhythm.
  • When I pay my bills on time, I am obedient, although I do not always acknowledge that obeying particular constructs allows me to experience far more flow in my life, than if I was not honoring the constructs.
  • When I exercise, eat well, get enough rest, meditate, and work towards becoming a more peaceful human being, I am becoming more attuned with nature and I am honoring the path to find the flow of life that is far less resistant and far more content.
  • If I am up all night whooping it up, my work will suffer, my family will suffer, my body will suffer, my work will suffer, I will suffer.
The law of attraction is always responding to what I think, believe, feel, do, don't do, don't believe, don't think, don't feel, and don't strive to achieve.
  • If I honor my children, and especially when they are small, and I hear them, I am obeying the laws that govern how the neurological pathways in their mind will develop.
  • If I was honored as a child and if my parents obeyed the natural laws that were set in place that decided how a child's brain would map itself, I would have experienced far less stress, anxiety and may not have developed depression.
  • If my parents had obeyed their inner selves, and if they had known how to obey the calling of their true authentic self, they would have known how to obey truth.
  • If my parents rose to challenges instead of recoiled because of them, in time, they would have found the flow of obeying the never ending call for each of us to learn how to honor our truth.
  • If I obey the traffic signs I can find my way to the grocery store with ease. But, if I refuse to obey the traffic signs because I am in resistance of some kind, I will experience greater resistance and suffering. I will get to the grocery store, but I will get there painfully.
The law of attraction is essentially the law of cause and effect. The ego may not want to believe in this truth, because it is linear. It is unnatural for the ego to think outside of itself, and to zoom out and consider generations or centuries of group thinking as a form of conscious energy.

If a tree is planted in enriched in abundant soil, and if it is protected from heavy winds it has a greater chance of blossoming into a majestic wonder.

This is the law of cause and effect.

If a mind is forever enriching the soil of the subconscious mind, it is protecting itself from parasites like self-condemnation, judgmental thoughts, and victimhood. With every effort forward, a mind that is learning how to 'think' in an orderly way, is learning how to face the everyday and sometimes horrendous challenges that are a part of each human being's life experiences.

This is the law of cause and effect.
You will experience suffering because life is hard for us all. The people we love die, they get sick, and our pets one day leave us too. Our lovers can and sometimes do cheat, lie, and smear our names. Our children can suffer addictions, marry narcissists, hurt themselves or hate themselves or us. Our jobs can be lost and our homes can be devastated by natural disasters. People can judge us, try to oppress us, and act in sinister ways. This is a reality.
These too are all cause and effect types of scenarios. Each of us is impacted by other forces that have intersected upon our lives at one point in time or another or have found their ways into our family history. How our family has believed, and how they have lived has impacted us as well.
The lens of a camera can zoom in as well as zoom out for a reason. It's call perspective.
So what's the goal of learning to master your mind and thus your reality?
The goal is to surrender to the natural laws that govern time and space so that YOU may experience LESS resistance in your life, so that when the troubling times happen upon you, and they will, YOU will have an organized mind that will permit you to face these challenges head on rather than recoil from them.
The goal is to find the courage to hear yourself, free yourself, and honor yourself in spite of what others may say, think, do, believe, feel, or don't do, or don't say.
The goal is far greater than momentary happiness. The goal is a system of thinking that you can rely on to make your life far less painful than it needs to be so that YOU can be the light and strength for yourself and someone you love when those challenging times come. Dark times are a natural part of everyone's life.
One day, that tall tree shall succumb to natural laws of decay too.
The goal is far greater than manifesting a beautiful home or relationship. The goal is to honor and love and cherish and believe in the sentient being you are, so you may KNOW HOW TO navigate your own ship and especially when in choppy waters and in spite of why and how you found yourself in those shark infested waves.
The goal is self-mastery, even when the tough times hit and knowing always, that what you think you become and obeying this natural law is good for your sake and the sake of your children, and yes, even the world.
Love is not up or down. It just is. It is a constant and reliable state of dependability and reliance. When you love life, and you obey what life requires to unfold abundantly, it becomes far easier to understand the necessity of confronting ego and pushing yourself through the veil of unconsciousness and into the sun!
When you love life, you accept the ebb and the flow and CHOOSE to Captain your ship regardless of loss, pain, or suffering. Letting go of the steering wheel is no longer an option.
When your children upset you, you choose your words from a higher state of awareness and tame the tongue of ego.
When your best friend does not invite you to a party, you choose not to judge, and discern as well as reevaluate your friendship without letting your ego begin a texting war.
When someone you love dies of a long illness, you honor their memory instead of resisting death as a natural law that is the absolute fate of us all.
Cheer up!
Life is a ride and learning to surrender and obey the magnificent and magical tools these laws are is the real SECRET!
May you enjoy the roller coaster that is life with a smile on your heart and a twinkle in your eye.
You are not alone...we are all strapped in on the ride too!
Now, let's see what each of us can do while we are here.
All my love,
Your guide, coach, fellow traveler and friend,