May 25, 2018

Healing The Adult Child of an Alcoholic--Leaving the ACoA Label Behind--Tapping Into The Warrior SELF

by Lisa A. Romano

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If you were raised by an alcoholic, then you were failed.

YOU DID NOT FAIL; your alcoholic failed you.

If your father was an alcoholic--and your mother enabled him--and taught you to tone yourself down for the sake of NOT rocking the boat--then YOU were denied the connection to Warrior Self you deserved.

It must be understood and accepted by the conscious and unconscious mind. To read these above statements and to just contemplate them for one second or two--will not be enough to counter the millions of imprinted pieces of negative data that have been inputed into your subconscious mind since your birth--and quite possibly--while even in utero.

If you are the adult child of an alcoholic--you have quite literally been programmed to think in self defeating ways.


What you observe in childhood good or bad, healthy or not gets imprinted upon a child's innocent, and 'in the state of learning' blank brain.

Whatever the child experiences in childhood--and especially whatever messages and values a child learns to believe about Self--will absolutely become the cornerstone of that child's future life experiences.


Thank heaven--literally thank heaven--that the true designers of Life are not our earlthy mother and fathers.

Thank heaven--source--creator--God--(call the maker of all that is whatever you like--it matters nothing to me) for his/her designing into our genetic make-up the ability to BECOME AN OBSERVER OF OUR OWN DYSFUNCTIONAL THOUGHTS/BELIEF SYSTEMS.

What does that mean?

This means that genetically coded into each living breathing human being--is the ability to conquer ANYTHING--through the power of our FREE WILL and through the miraculous ability of our HUMAN IMAGINATION.

Our human imagination--allows us to form abstract ideas about Self--and it is through the Pineal Gland--the creative center of our brain--that we are able to OBJECTIFY our experiences.

Why is this important?

It is important to know this--because once learned--a being then begins to understand he/she does NOT have to REACT to everything that gets said or that happens around him/her.

Why is this important?

It is important to contemplate and absorb because alcoholics, addicts, and ACoA's as well as grandchildren of alcoholics (GCoA's) are so wounded--and filled with dense, dank emotional energy--that they are too busy sometimes deflecting pain--and attracting like pain--to ever create the mental detachment--and thus experience enough mental space to be able to objectify ones own negative thought processes.





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