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Have you ever been too loyal?

When you are codependent, you don't always know that there is data missing in your subconscious mind that will prevent you from acknowledging toxic relationships and people for what they really are.
When you are codependent you don't know that there are TOOLS missing from your shed. You're like a farmer that knows nothing about tractors and cuts their hay with scissors from the kitchen drawer. You don't know what you don't know. You don't understand what you never learned. You do what you've always done.
When you are codependent, you fear abandonment, seek connection, and are often loyal to a detriment of your own. You don't recognize you are in danger and sadly, often, you do all you can to keep toxic others calm, content, happy, and do all you can to make sure they have nothing to complain about.
All the while, you lose yourself more a little each day.
Have you ever been too loyal?

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