Feb 24, 2020

Give Every Moment 100% Of You

by Lisa A. Romano

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We all have crazy-filled moments when we are doubting ourselves, our worth and our right to be happy. It’s normal. We are human and by the time we were three years old, someone should have loved us enough to program us to believe we were enough, just as we were. Unfortunately, many of us have not had that experience and that is alright.

Why is it alright?

It is alright because the truth is we are absolutely DIVINE BEINGS of LIGHT at our core, and it is only our old programming that has us believing we are not enough.

Today, connect with the reality that at your core, you absolutely are enough.

Refuse to let ANY ideal violate the boundaries of your mind that cause you to wonder about your worth,

Be the best version of yourself possible in every moment.

Give every moment 100% of you.

When you have the choice—ALWAYS choose PEACE and LOVE over fear and hate.

This is the way you overcome faulty childhood programming and help your mind learn to resonate with the true rhythm of your DIVINE HEART.